05 January 2010

the meal we missed

I just finished looking at all the photos from Johan's family's New Years Eve celebration, sent to us via email, and I can't decide whether to be jealous, sad, exceedingly grateful, or all of the above about them.

Don't get me wrong. We had our own kind of fun in a snowy cabin in the woods that friends of ours invited us to, eating Tostadas de Tinga and catching up after the kids went to bed. But the pictures, well, you'll see. They made me miss New Years, Belgian-style.

A big New Years Eve gathering has been the tradition since well before I joined the family, and this year was no exception. Every year the menu varies, from stewed rabbit to a "koue pla" (spelling in dialect is always tricky) of cold meats, cheeses, spreads and slimy (OK, just to me) smoked fishes. This year the family settled on "tapas," small plates, spread out over the entire evening, that ended, as usual, with a truly beautiful smorgasbord of desserts. I can think of nothing better than an evening full of fancy small plates and family (especially this one), and am yes, OK, very sad about not being able to be a part of their celebration this year. I miss Belgium, the food, but most of all, I miss the people who have become such a big part of my life there, and hope we'll be getting back to visit soon, very very soon. To all of you in Belgium, please save some 'toostjes' for me. And to the rest of you, enjoy some of my favorite photos from that night.

Gelukkig nieuwjaar.
*mwah**mwah**mwah* (3 kisses, don't forget)


  1. Oh man, I miss them too - and I've never met them! What a fun family you get to be a part of. And no wonder you wanted to write a food blog - yum! Cheers.

  2. I see what you mean. The photos say it all. I mostly love the photo of the big table and so many people around it. Judging by the photos of the food, they put a lot of love into it. I'd be happy to miss such a family.

  3. Looking at those photos, I understand the longing you have to be with this part of your family. Soon I hope, soon!



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