29 January 2010

I resolve...

So it's taken me almost a full month to settle on a couple of New Years resolutions, but I'm not one to rush willy nilly into these things. So here you have it. I resolve...

1) to spend LESS time with my kids. I have already made good on this by taking a 4 day kid-less trip to Texas to visit friends, and by joining a choir that feeds my creativity and keeps me out of the house one night a week. Btw, the choir is very relaxed and welcoming and, in case anyone is interested, in need of
male voices. Oh, and I joined a gym, which, while I refuse to make any health or weight-related resolutions, I am glad to have in my life as yet another place for some solo work and reflection (physical and mental).

2) to make the time that I DO spend with my kids count by dropping everything, pouring my heart into playing, reading books, indulging their fantasy worlds, making them laugh, and really really listening and engaging them.

3) to spend some time outside each day, no matter what the weather.

4) to start each day asking myself the question, "what one thing would make today a
good day?" and then doing my damndest to make that one thing happen.

Wish me luck.


  1. These are great resolutions! They actually sound like ones someone could keep. I especially like the one about spending time outside. Until I read this I hadn't realized that this was one of my resolutions as well!


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