01 July 2009

a few of my favorite (belgian) things

we are on a plane to Belgium tomorrow. no posts for a while, but I'll try to take some good food pictures on the road! In the meantime, here's a list of things I'm looking forward to eating while in Belgium:

pistolekes met kaas (little cheese rolls with soft gouda)
bitterballen (deep fried balls of gravy and meat, served with mustard)
vol au vent (puff pastry filled with creamy chicken and mushroom)
kroketten (fried potato goodness, served with mayo)
hazerug (jack rabbit's back, usually a winter food)
grijze garnalen (little gray shrimp, harvested by horse)
pralinekes (chocoooooolate)
bolleke Koninck (just good beer)
broodje smos (a "messy sandwich" -- french roll filled with veggies, hardboiled egg, and mayo)
frietjes met andalous (fries that are NOT french with a spicy pink sauce)


  1. mmmm! enjoy the fried potato goodness! Call us when you're back

  2. Some Leffe Bruin, as a housewarming gift, would be much appreciated! Just a bottle or two...I don't ask for much.

  3. I have only been to Belgium once, but loved it! Isn't there some dish called waterzooeeeieee? Oh, we are craving a little time abroad.


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