01 June 2009

leftovers are the new meal

No, I'm not done with Mark Bittman.

One thing that's central to Bittman's approach is the notion of "repurposing" leftovers. Cook more than you need to and, rather than simple reheating them, turn your leftovers into something completely new. Last night's roasted vegetables could be the material for a killer sandwich, frittata, asian rice bowl, burrito, etc. etc. you get the idea. Here are a few of our meals and repurposed dishes:

#1 Steak pita with grilled corn, orange snap pea couscous

#1A: Taco salad with steak, pinto beans, cherry tomatoes,
salsa dressing
(and beans and carrots for 3 yo)

#2: Honey Mustard BBQ chicken and sides
(roasted potatoes, asparagus, corn)

#2A: spinach salad with steak, asparagus, roasted
potatoes and corn
(and greekyoghurt + fruit puree for baby)

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